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How We Help

What started off as a desire to solve the challenges of one hauling company has evolved in time to a group that’s eager to help other independent haulers.  Following years of trial and error, Haulr University has turned into a community that can not only offer users a wide range of special technological tools, but can also simplify and ease their lives. Check out our options below to see what Haulr University can do for you!

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Consulting Services

Our team helps people wanting to start or improve their businesses. We offer consulting on industry knowledge, customer communications, billing processes, preventative maintenance. We also provide equipment and financing contacts, training guides, software tools for mapping, profitability, and maintenance.


Join our Community in the Members Area

The community is a group where individuals in the waste hauling community can come together, form connections, share ideas, and find solutions. Ask questions and get feedback from people all over the industry, find tools and material custom-made to add value to your business.  Come be a member today!


Check Out Gumroad

Everyone knows how much of a hassle it can be to manage your own business. Gumroad is a platform that allows users to purchase a wide variety tools to assist with your daily needs. Our Gumroad store features tools and products that are here to help users worldwide. Visit our Gumroad store and see how these products can help you!

Haulr University Newsletter

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Another great service that we offer is our Monthly newsletter.  Each month we will be sending out a newsletter with great features such as updates on new innovations in the hauling industry, tips and tricks for dealing with the common issues of the seasons, and a spotlight on a new member of our industry every month.  To get sign up for this fun and helpful newsletter sign up below.

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Haulr Software

We at Haulr University have made it our business to help small independent haulers with the day-to-day operations.  In addition to the tools and support listed above, we are developing our own proprietary software with the most robust integration between routing, billing, and communications in the industry.  To get more information and join the waiting list, sign up below!

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